Our Story

JM2 started out as a retirement hobby. John Sr bought the property, built a house, barn, and woodshed before setting up fences and buying cattle. His son joined him in 2009 to turn this hobby into a dream. The herd is growing, methods are changing, and this hobby is becoming a profitable business. 

Mission: JM2 exists to provide wholesome and safe agricultural products at affordable prices by being good stewards of God's creations

Description: JM2 provides products and services from and for the beef cattle and horse industry


Beef Products

All our cattle are in pasture and have 24/7 access to grass and/or hay, even during the finishing phase

We finish our cattle on grass and a twice daily grain supplement to add flavor and tenderness to the finished product

Our beef has never had any hormones, antibiotics, or other stimulants used throughout the life of the cattle

All cattle are born, raised and process in the DFW area

We dryage the beef for 21 days to further enhance tenderness

It is processed at a local USDA inspected facility and flash frozen in package before delivery to your freezer


Hay Products

All our hay is horse quality Coastal Bermuda

It is fertilized with Nitrogen and Phosphorous

Our cutting season runs from May to September, weather permitting

We bale both round and square bales

Large lot and pasture mowing

Please contact us about purchasing hay in the field at a discount


Artisan Wood Products

All wood products are handcrafted from wood found on the farm

They are all food safe, but NOT dishwasher safe


Ag Services

Complete artificial insemination at our location or yours

Heat check at our location

Semen storage at our location

Complete beef cattle record keeping

Consultation and management services